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It is really a trouble for girls.

The occurrence of acne is associated with sebum. If sebaceous glands opening in the hair follicles, sebaceous glands secrete excessive sebum, and hair follicles from various stimulus and by the influence of endocrine hormone, Angle, make the sebum accumulation within the hair follicle, formed a small pimple. This process usually takes about three months. If bacterial growth and reproduction in face blister, will cause infection, thick and form bedding face blister, serious when still can make facial scars.
Long blain face to break out, it is really a trouble for girls. Look ugly, clean up is also very trouble at ordinary times, had to select various cleanser, protect skin to taste, also dare not hard washing, dare not wash too often, lest a accidentally broke them more difficult. Blain blain on face, however, also need not so careful, as long as pay attention to the key points, there is no problem.
Wash your face first to pay attention to is to choose the correct cleaning supplies. Common acne is caused by excessive puberty sebaceous glands secretion, so the cleaning supplies must choose model, low irritation, can also use cleansing soap.
Second, on the water temperature control, usually with a temperature of warm water is ok, but must not use hot water, because the heat itself is a kind of stimulation, can make the sebaceous glands secretion faster.
Third, when washing a face, it is best to use the flow of water, and be sure to clean thoroughly. Once left on the face cleanser residue, containing alkaline substances will stimulate the fragile facial skin, can lead to acne worse.
Washing a face, can use cold water taps a gently, this is great for closing pores, and make skin more delicate. Wash a face to the last step, is to choose the model make up water, to adjust skin PH value, and then coated with cream.
In addition, a person who spends a lot of blain blain, wash a face cannot too frequently, in the morning and once is ok, only when is too dirty or sweating much to wash again. Because, every time after washing a face painted skin cream of more or less will contain some oily ingredient, if painted times is too much, will be clogged pores, caused blain blain more fierce.