Exercise can stabilize the emotional stress.

In recent years, it is well known that exercise can stabilize the emotional stress, hormone in the body, nerve conduction, and chemical change, ready to help the body to respond to pressure and adaptation. Such as exercise when the body can release bleeding amine, glucose, testosterone, cortisol corticoids adjust physiology. Also stimulates the brain cells release lead to relax brain morphine, improve self belief, reduce anxiety, separation pressure and improve psychological function.
Improve bone density
Osteoporosis is a degenerative disease that is characterized by reduced bone mineral density, mineral loss leads to bone fracture or break easily. As the growth of the age, the body of calcium is gradually lost, trabecular bone will slowly disappear, and the bones in the pore is bigger and bigger, to become more and more, and osteoporosis. Sedentary office or long-term bed and lack of exercise are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis. Aerobic exercise or resistance exercise pressure or tension on the bones, can stimulate bone, increase the bone density. Teenager children bone metabolism is very strong, if reasonable sports training, more can promote the absorption of calcium, the growth of bone. People consistently in sports training, can make the thickening of bone density, bone size coarsening, bone surface muscle to the raised obviously, the arrangement of the trabecular bone according to the capacity and pressure change more tidy and regular bone blood circulation is improved, and produce good results on the morphological structure.
Improve the appearance and self belief
Sports not only benefits to the body, also beneficial to psychological aspects. Individual size, shape and composition of body, under the influence of genetic is great, but the day after tomorrow training, training, carve also cannot be ignored. So through the movement of sports training, planned and nutrition to alter the composition of body, to develop a good posture, attractive appearance, good impression to the person, improve social, improve the interpersonal relations, to establish self-confidence. Make a person feel a kind of well-being of the heart. Self belief is show the overall perception of their own value and ability. In the daily life, due to the development of the physical, more confidence in his abilities, all the sense of value.
Enhance the muscle endurance and strength
Muscle system is the basis of physical activity, good strength and muscular endurance and cardiopulmonary endurance, can allow us to continue to engage in high load movement, muscle strength and muscle endurance decided to limit. Is the most directly affect the movement of the skeletal muscle, sport is the most effective way to improve muscle strength and muscle endurance (Witzmann, 1999). Muscle is refers to the muscle tissue of resistance ability to produce a single contract. Strength is the body’s operating efficiency. Muscular endurance is refers to the muscle under the load resistance ability to last long. Muscular endurance can for their movement to stimulate, or often use increase; Relative also increases with age, muscle function gradually degradation, such as opportunity plus intensity activity decreases, muscle endurance performance, of course, will gradually decrease. Good strength can keep good posture, attractive appearance.