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Strict environmental access, new emissions control.

Since China’s reform and opening up, China’s sustained economic growth, has made remarkable achievements, but due to the unreasonable pattern of economic development has brought serious resources and environment problems, restricting the sustainable development of China’s economic and social.
Profound, according to the report of the 17th national congress of our progress in the face of one of the outstanding problems, is too much resources environmental costs of economic growth. From the domestic and international situation faced by the current analysis, we must correctly handle the relationship between economic development and environmental protection. To complete the specified in the eleventh five-year plan of main pollutants emission reduction targets, we must be integrated use of legal, economic, technical and necessary administrative means, the implementation of eia system, the planning and construction project implementation of the environmental impact of the analysis, prediction and assessment, and put forward the countermeasures of prevent or mitigate adverse environmental impacts and measures, tracing monitoring and control of pollution from the source.
The implementation of the eia system promoting pollution reduction effectively
China began to carry out environmental impact assessment in the late 1970 s, plays an irreplaceable role in the environmental protection work. In September 2003, after “the eia law” was promulgated, environmental impact assessment in the field of system construction, ability construction, key management has made new progress. At present, the “one to three tenth special” planning and the implementation of the construction projects must be conducted in accordance with the eia, the eia from decision-making source an increasingly important role in prevention and control of environmental pollution and ecological destruction, and gradually integrated into the national macro decision-making, become important force to promote sound and rapid economic development.
Strict environmental access, new emissions control, and effectively promote the “11th five-year plan” to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emissions reduction. In the process of eia approval, the competent administrative department for environmental protection in order to improve the environment quality, protect people’s health, to ensure the safety of environment as a starting point, strict control “, high-energy-consuming and resource-dependent “(highly polluting, energy-intensive, resources) project construction, the existing major environmental hazards, unreasonable layout of project implement” one ticket veto “. From 2006 to 2007, involving investment of nearly 1.5 trillion yuan in China 377 “, high-energy-consuming and resource-dependent “project made without approval or suspend the examination and approval decision. In 2007, the guangdong government entities at all levels through the eia approval has vetoed 4811 do not conform to the requirements of the eia of the project, control a large number of heavily polluting project construction. Shanxi Province through the eia of old and new capacity and total replacement of the project, the new construction project must be on the premise of closure of serious pollution enterprises, not only improve the quality of the economic development, and achieved the “production not ZengWu”, the purpose of “reducing the pollution to increase production. Since 2003, “the eia law” implemented by the end of 2007, the national examination and approval of projects 1.17 million, through the “old” as the new belt, mark on the “small”, and pollution control engineering measures, the cumulative reduce COD emissions by 14.06 million tons, 25.1 million tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, effective control of the pollutant total amount.

The value of the mobile wallet.

\I was one of those guys who carried a big wallet and it was uncomfortable sitting down,” said Raposo, who also worried about pickpockets with his over-stuffed wallet.

He now only carries a cardholder with his driver’s license, bankcard and company credit card. “I rely on my [mobile] wallet and do keep a credit card in the car for emergencies.”

Mobile wallets — essentially a virtual wallet on your phone — can hold a combination of credit and debit cards, bank account information and loyalty cards. The downloaded or preinstalled app allows users to transfer funds from one account to another via email or SMS and pay at certain restaurants and merchants.

At a growing number of merchants, you can pay by tapping your smartphone against a specially-designed device. Users enter a pin to access the wallet, and a lost smartphone can be wiped clean remotely from another device — there’s no need to call banks and credit card companies.

With more of us strapped to smartphones, it’s no wonder that the idea of the mobile wallet is gaining in popularity.

“The value of the mobile wallet is around the convenience and simplicity of having everything on the device,” said Jaymee Johnson, head of marketing at Isis in Seattle, a joint venture between AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon focusing in the mobile payment space.