Pickled fish is that people like a dish.

Fried dough sticks are many breakfast choice, can be twisted dough-strips cuhk add alum. This kind of inorganic substances containing aluminum, after being absorbed by the human body can produce damage to nerve cells in the brain, and it is difficult to discharge by human body and gradually accumulate. The damage is to the body for a long time, memory loss, depression, and irritability, serious can lead to terrible diseases such as “senile dementia”.
Solution: soya-bean milk. If you in cooking oil, with soya-bean milk, then inadvertently to protect himself. Because in the soybean milk is rich in lecithin. Scientists have discovered for senile dementia patients taking a dose of lecithin, can get certain improvement of their memory.
Condition 2: “pickled fish”
Pickled fish is that people like a dish. But after pickling sauerkraut, vitamin C has been lost; In addition, the pickled cabbage contains more oxalic acid and calcium, due to the high acidity after eating easily absorbed by the intestines, extremely easily when the renal excretion in urinary tract stone formation; And after the pickled food, mostly contains more nitrite, and amine substance in the body to generate nitrosamines, is a kind of carcinogenic substance.
Solution: kiwi fruit. Scientific discovery, eat more foods rich in vitamins, can block the synthesis of strong carcinogenic nitrosamines, reduce the occurrence of gastric cancer and esophageal cancer. The kiwi fruit is called the king of vitamin C, a kiwi basic can satisfy human body need vitamin C a day.
Condition 3: bacon, bacon, sausage, etc
These things not only delicious, but also save the time is long, loved by the people. But these contains a lot of salt in the food, and the material of pork salted together for a long time, nitrosamines, enter human body and then to form dimethyl nitrosamine, is a kind of strong carcinogenic substance.
Solution: green tea. The study found that refer to green tea can be broken down the dangers of this kind of material. Every day to drink a few cups of green tea, can improve health. If there is difficult to block the temptation of salted fish, bacon, might as well when the cook cut up the meat for cooking, add some vinegar, can make the decomposition of nitrosamines, and delicious.
Condition 4: hot pot
For those who easily lose originally, or recurrent aphthous people, often is worse. Not only can worsen symptoms, increase the chance of recurrence, over and over again for a long time, can also induce esophageal cancer. In fact, the hot pot in addition to easily lose, soup contains high “porphyrin” material, after a breakdown in the liver metabolism generated uric acid, may also cause gout.
Solution: grapefruit. If after eating greasy, spicy hot pot, eat a grapefruit, can help to nourish Yin spent, the spleen.
State 5: kebabs
Although the fragrance wafts of the street, is very attractive, despite its meat safety, it is these after flame carbon roast meat contains benzene than pyrene, after enters the body, is enough to threat to cause stomach cancer.
Solution: baked sweet potatoes. If you have certain health detection standard in the shop after consumption of meat products, and then eat a baked sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes contain a large amount of cellulose, the harmful material in can barbecue wrapped eduction body outside, and can keep a large amount of grease is absorbed by the body of meat.
State 6: preserved eggs
Many people often like to use preserved eggs cooked porridge to drink. Little imagine, preserved egg in the production, how many will contain a certain amount of lead. If the excessive intake of lead, will lead to mental decline, damage to the development of the nervous system, causing abnormal, reduce the phenomenon such as learning ability, especially children body lead discharge ability is far lower than adults, so the harm is greater.